Energy-saving control system for earthmoving machinery

DigPilot 3D machine control for earthmoving equipment improves the efficiency and accuracy of earthworks projects, reducing emissions and saving fuel, time and money.


Earthmoving is major source of emissions from the construction industry.

Operators of earthmoving equipment must continually perform manual adjustments of the machine and its components. This slows down progress, resulting in low precision, lost time and excess fuel use.

To assist in these adjustments, personnel must enter the work zone and may be at risk of injury. Traditional guidance systems such as lasers, levellers and benchmarks provide only minimal support.

Operator assistance technology streamlines earthmoving projects

DigPilot is a complete 3D machine control solution for earthmoving equipment such as bulldozers, wheel loaders and excavators. The system has several components, including an onboard computer with touchscreen, CAN bus wired or wireless sensors, a dual-antenna satellite data rover, and a cloud office service.

Sensors are attached to the machine’s moving parts, and data is transmitted to a computer in the cockpit that graphically and numerically displays the machine’s real-time position and movement. Using a mounted rover, the solution connects to the Global Navigation Satellite System (GSSN) anywhere in the world. Satellite coordinates projections for most regions on the globe are preloaded.

DigPilot comes with an online internet based platform that supports project data file backup, exchange and testing. Operators can also receive remote support. A dedicated development group continually adapts the technology based on customer needs and technological advances.

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Concrete benefits

DigPilot 3D machine control enables equipment operators to work 50 per cent faster. In Norway alone, this saves 330 metric tons of fossil fuel per year. Earthworks projects also need fewer machines, reducing overall emissions and environmental impact. Companies save money as well from streamlined operations and lower staffing costs.

The solution also improves operator accuracy down to the centimetre, reducing the risk of earthmoving errors and unintended damage to buried infrastructure.

In addition, DigPilot improves the safety of workers who need to spend less time in dangerous work zones.

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Market potential

Demand for eco-friendly construction site solutions is growing, as the European construction industry has named energy efficiency and decarbonising the environment as a top priority.

In Scandinavia, about 3 000 3D machine control systems are sold annually, valued at USD 120 million. In Europe, the corresponding figure is 5000, which represents an untapped market.

Exported worldwide, DigPilot is now seeking to further expand in Europe and identify financial partners. The producer, Gundersen & Løken, has a 120-year history of R&D in the construction industry.

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At a glance

  • 3D machine control for earthmoving equipment

  • Uses sensors, software and satellite data

  • Saves fuel, reduces emissions and improves accuracy


DigPilot may be used in any country.

Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals