Energy-saving control system for earthmoving machinery

DigPilot 3D Machine Control reduces fuel consumption and improves safety in earthmoving operations.

Operators of heavy construction machinery are required to perform constant manual adjustments to the position of the machine and its components. This slows progress, resulting in low precision, wasted time and wasted diesel fuel.

Additional personnel required in the work zone to assist in these adjustments may be at risk for injury. Traditional guidance systems such as lasers, levellers and benchmarks provide only minimal support.

Digital assistance for heavy equipment operators

Operator assistance technology enables equipment operators to utilise the machinery’s full potential for speed and power, and reduce idling time.

With DigPilot 3D Machine Control, angle and rotary sensors are attached to all moving parts of the machinery. Data is transmitted to a computer in the cockpit, with a touchscreen that displays real-time position and movement. The operator is able to program equipment such as cutting tools – enabling cuts that are precise to the centimetre.

Concrete benefits

DigPilot 3D Machine Control enables even highly skilled excavator operators to work up to 50 per cent faster. In Norway alone, this translates to a savings of up to 330 metric tons of fossil fuel per year.

Due to its time-saving and fuel-saving benefits, DigPilot 3D Machine Control has a fast return on investment and results in a safer workplace.

Market potential

Sales of earthmoving machinery are accelerating sharply due to a worldwide expansion of urban infrastructure. In total, 825 000 machines were sold in 2017, with sales increasing to more than 1 million units in 2018.

Currently, an estimated 10 000 to 20 000 earthmoving machines have been fitted with operator assistance technology. In Scandinavia alone, over 2 000 3D systems were installed in 2018.

DigPilot 3D Machine Control systems are exported to markets around the globe, including Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Founded in 1899, Gundersen & Løken AS has a 120-year history of research and development in the construction industry.

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At a glance

  • Operator assistance technology for earthmoving equipment

  • Increases efficiency, precision and worker safety

  • Up to 50% savings in time and fuel consumption



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