Eliminating boat emissions with electric propulsion systems

Evoy equips fast boats with an electric propulsion system that eliminates fumes, noise and pollution.

Boat with electric propulsion system sailing into Flom fjord.

The transportation sector is a major contributor to global warming. Fast boats pollute up to 15 times more than road transport. In Norway they emit more greenhouse gases than all domestic flights combined, accounting for estimated 1.3 million metric tons of CO₂ annually.

Turnkey electric propulsion system for old and new boats

Evoy has developed a turnkey, plug-and-play electric propulsion system for small fast boats. The electric drivetrain can be added to any new or old 20 to 30-foot fast boat, enabling some boats to reach top speed exceeding 60 knots.

Evoy’s inboard system is designed primarily for fast boats and commercial craft such as fish farming boats, tourist boats and various government boats. The system ranges in power from 100 to 900 horsepower.

Batteries that are part of an electric propulsion system for fast boats.

Concrete benefits

Evoy’s electric propulsion system eliminates fumes, odour, engine noise and pollution. Widespread use of the system may result in a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from fast boats and commercial craft.

In future, as battery technology improves and the cost decreases, Evoy will enter the leisure boat market.

Market potential

The global marine propulsion market is estimated to reach USD 18 billion by 2026, and investments in hybrid and fully electric technologies will play an important role in market growth. Norway is a strong home market as the country has the highest density of leisure boats in the world as well as the highest density of electric vehicles.

Evoy is a first-mover in the global electric fast boat segment. The company is currently collaborating with fish farmers to stress-test, validate and optimise the system with 30-foot RIBs. The system will be commercially available by Q2 2020.

Fast boat equipped with batteries that are part of an electric propulsion system.

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Hamregata 19, 6900 FLORØ, Norway

+47 990 13 032

At a glance

  • Plug-and-play electric propulsion system for old and new fast boats

  • Designed for fast boats in the 20–30 foot segment

  • Eliminates fumes, odour, engine noise and pollution


Soon available
There are concrete plans to make the solution commercially available in the near future.

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