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Effective information flow for wind power success

VisioNova’s Valid solution provides full control over all information and processes during the life cycle of an industrial facility, making onshore and offshore wind farms and other installations more competitive, safer and commercially attractive.

Zefyros (Hywind Demo). Christoffer Steinsvåg

Easy access to relevant, up-to-date technical information is necessary for operation and modification of large-scale assets such as wind farms. It is also vital for successful handovers during the different project phases.

However, this information is often not available to engineers or operators. And even if it is, the question of whether or not it is the latest revision often arises. Moreover, inadequate management of vital information during a project lifetime can lead to higher costs, poorer safety and ultimately poorer competitiveness.

Optimal Life Cycle Information Management

Valid from VisioNova is a cloud-based life cycle information management (LCIM) system that covers the entire life cycle of an industrial facility, from construction, operation, maintenance and modification to eventual dismantling at end-of-life.

Valid primarily contains information about the physical facility (digital twin). It is part of a larger ecosystem, where this information is combined with real-time data and maintenance data to enable data-driven forecasting and predictive maintenance, among other things.

For wind farms, this translates into efficient maintenance, improved uptime and greater reliability, giving green energy a necessary advantage while at the same time cutting costs.

Concrete benefits

Access to comprehensive lifecycle information supports good decision-making and safer operations and lowers operation and modification risks. Predictive maintenance enables better planning, reduces maintenance costs and helps to avoid unnecessary trips to offshore or onshore installations, thereby cutting carbon emissions from transport.

Moreover, Valid is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), so companies do not have to invest in costly IT infrastructure, staff or upgrades. It is also easy to integrate with other software via REST APIs.

Market potential

In 2018, onshore wind electricity generation increased by an estimated 12 per cent, while the global market for offshore wind is expected to grow by 24 per cent annually over the next five years. Especially in Europe, this market is set to grow due to favourable government regulations, decarbonisation reforms and energy security initiatives.

VisioNova is collaborating with Unitech to create a digital twin pilot project for Hywind Demo, the world’s first floating offshore wind turbine, which Unitech has now taken over from Norway’s energy heavyweight Equinor. VisioNova has also delivered LCIM systems to oil fields, including Draugen (OKEA) and Ivar Aasen (Aker BP).

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At a glance

  • System for maintaining control of information during a facility’s life cycle

  • Increases efficiency while reducing costs

  • Ideal for both onshore and offshore wind farms



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