Drone surveillance for limiting oil spills

Nordic Unmanned deploys state-of-the art unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to provide a rapid and precise aerial overview of oil spills, enabling early response and recovery.

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Although an oil spill is never expected, it requires immediate action to prevent severe and long-lasting damage to marine life. Rapid and precise response can reduce the extent of the spill, thereby mitigating its environmental impact.

Therefore, in an oil spill recovery operation it is vital to gain an overview of the affected area and provide situational awareness to everyone on the emergency response team.

UAVs for oil spill monitoring

Nordic Unmanned offers unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for support during oil spill response operations. The drones provide a precise, aerial overview of the affected area. The footage aids on-scene emergency coordinators in assessing the extent of the spill and ensuring that available response resources are utilised efficiently.

Data collected by the drones is processed and presented to the emergency coordinator via the tailored web interface NUView. All recorded video is stored on a local service and is encrypted.

Video can be streamed to a web service if an internet link is provided, enabling coordination with remote teams.

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Concrete benefits

Nordic Unmanned provides a round-the-clock response team, guaranteed to be on site and providing aerial support and surveillance within 24 hours. The service is designed for optimal mobility. All necessary equipment fits into two pelican cases, and the drone requires only 4x4 m of space for safe take-off and landing.

Market potential

Nordic Unmanned is a leading provider of complete UAS including drones, payload, training and software. The company also provides UAS and services for several types of monitoring and inspection.

Nordic Unmanned is currently on a 24-hour emergency response for the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), providing support when EU and EFTA maritime authorities mobilise their pollution response vessels for oil recovery.

In addition to being a part of EMSA’s oil spill response, the company also has a contract to provide EMSA with solutions and services for remote monitoring of vessel sulphur emissions using UAS.

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