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Digital platform makes offshore industries greener and more efficient

NorSea Digital’s E2E platform brings order to complex supply chains through increased visibility and collaboration.

Offshore industries operate in harsh environments with complex project logistics, making it difficult to consolidate and share logistics infrastructure.

Offshore supply chains, too, are complex. Built on a network of multinational suppliers, contractors and partners, these supply chains struggle to consolidate and centralise input from different actors. As a result, information, logistics and assets are scattered, leading to a larger carbon footprint and more costly operations.

Supply chain visibility

NorSea Digital has created the E2E platform for increased supply chain visibility. The platform uses sophisticated technology to simplify information and support logistics operations with increased predictability and better collaboration between different actors.

E2E delivers an instant overview of the flow of goods, both in terms of geographical position and real-time process control. This allows logistics supervisors to see exactly where an item is at any point in time, and why the item is at this specific location.

The E2E platform lets project managers collaborate with contractors and partners. It allows these to be a part of the planning process, as well as the operations. Through a simple notification system, every part of a supply chain can be seamlessly notified about changes or delays.

Concrete benefits

E2E helps companies to run greener and more efficient logistics operations. Entire supply chains become more efficient through increased visibility and collaboration, while their overall carbon footprint is reduced.

E2E has an open standard, which allows for simple integration with a wide range of tracking technologies from both logistics supervisors and suppliers. More predictability and an improved flow of information also leads to better decision making and reduced risk of delays.

Market potential

Lack of visibility and predictability in complex logistics operations is an issue in many industries, not just offshore. Only about six per cent of companies worldwide believe that they have achieved full supply chain visibility, according to the 2017 Supply Chain Worldwide Survey.

E2E was developed by NorSea Digital, a joint venture between NorSea and Kongsberg Digital. The solution has also received support under the Innovation Programme for Maritime Activities and Offshore Operations (MAROFF) at the Research Council of Norway.

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NorSea Digital

Risavika Havnering 14, NO-4056 Tananger, Norway

At a glance

  • Digital platform for supply chain visibility

  • Improves information flow and collaboration in offshore logistics

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions from entire supply chains



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