Digital platform for optimised ferry operations

EasyCrossing is a software and automation platform which supports and connects passengers, vehicles and crew on board ferries. The platform makes loading, transport and unloading more efficient – and ultimately full automated.


Ferry operations today are characterised by a low degree of digitalisation. Loading and unloading, in particular, are manual and inefficient, with passengers often finding that their needs are unsupported.

Moreover, as the transport industry works hard to cut emissions, more efficient operations are essential for reducing energy consumption.

A digital ferry experience

EasyCrossing is a digital platform for ferry operations which connects vehicles, passengers, ferries and crew. The platform automates the identification, classification and tracking of vehicles, as well as passenger counting and electronic billing.

EasyCrossing is an especially valuable tool for traffic management and guidance. The system gives crew access to detailed information about all vehicles waiting at the next terminal or port. It automatically suggests an optimal loading plan and identifies vehicles that require manual follow up for billing or control.

Moreover, EasyCrossing comes with a designated passenger app, which gives ferry companies a simple way to interact with all their passengers, individually or as a group. The passenger app simplifies the ways in which passengers can register and give ferry companies input or feedback. It also makes it easier to communicate traffic information to passengers, as well as giving ferry operators a new tool for marketing and sales.


Concrete benefits

A ferry using EasyCrossing can reduce operational costs and fuel emissions by cutting loading and unloading time by up to 75 per cent. Optimised loading plans also helps to cut overall energy consumption.

Additionally, EasyCrossing gives ferries an avenue for increased revenue – both through active marketing, loyalty programmes and campaigns, and through new streams of revenue from improved digital services.

Market potential

There are more then 1 000 identified ferry crossings in the world. The EasyCrossing solution can be installed and used for all types of ferry operations, from small – under 500 vehicles per day – to large – over 1 000 vehicles per day.

EasyCrossing is developed by Senseye, a company delivering services related to sensors, the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence. Senseye was founded in 2018.


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At a glance

  • Software platform for ferry companies

  • Makes ferry loading, unloading and transportation more efficient and automated

  • Can reduce energy consumption on board ferries, through up to 75 per cent reduction in loading time


Under development
The solution is a concept, prototype, close to piloting, or the like.

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