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Developing and operating autonomous transport

Forus PRT tests and deploys new solutions for autonomous vehicles in close collaboration with cities and municipalities.

New digital platforms for coordinating transport services and the sharing economy contribute to wide-ranging changes in public transport. One of the most significant changes in the coming decades could be the introduction of autonomous vehicles.

For automated vehicles to be widely deployed, however, regulations, safety requirements and insurance products need to be in place. And to meet the demands of a growing marked and better understand automated driving functions, real-life testing is essential.

Implementing autonomous vehicles

Forus PRT develops and operates autonomous transport for cities and municipalities. The company works with authorities in all phases of introducing autonomous transport solutions in a local area.

Forus PRT particularly specialises on testing and developing new autonomous services in close collaboration with industry partners, as well as national and local governments. The company sees an increasing interest in autonomous transport and several companies and municipalities that want to invest in new technology to improve public transport services.

Concrete benefits

Autonomous vehicles are expected to play a significant role in public transport in years to come. They not only offer lower emissions and costs, but also entire new avenues for transporting people around cities and municipalities.

Forus PRT’s seamless solutions provide sustainable transport with less pollution, as well as shared mobility in industrial and urban areas.

Market potential

The market for autonomous vehicles is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years, with projections of almost 40 per cent annual growth and a global market value of USD 556 billion by 2026.

Autonomous vehicles from Forus PRT have been in operation for over 600 hours on public roads with heavy traffic. The company also provided the first autonomous bus for public transport in Norway.

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Forus PRT

Forusbeen 78, NO-4033 Stavanger, Norway

+47 51 80 00 00

At a glance

  • Testing and implementation of autonomous vehicles

  • Could transform public transport

  • Lower costs and emissions



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