Cutting emissions in the processing industry

HTTECH has developed a game-changing production process that could transform the metallurgy and other processing industries.

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The process industry is energy and carbon-intensive and accounts for a substantial part of the world’s carbon emissions. With new emissions standards, plant owners worldwide need to reduce the use of carbon in existing production processes and invest in entirely new production technology.

Turning waste into new products

HTTECH has developed a game changing production process that could make the process industry more environmentally and commercially sustainable. The process exploits methane emissions from organic waste to produce PyroBioCarbon (PBC), hydrogen and heat.

In the short term, PBC could replace traditional fossil coke and coal as reduction agents in a range of production processes. In the long term, PBC could be an integrated part of new production technology in the metallurgy and other industries.

The traditional production process:

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The HTTECH production process:

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Concrete benefits

HTTECH’s production process is cost-efficient and producing PBC on site could make a full metallurgical production cycle entirely emission free.

PBC has properties as a future material, custom-fit for use in high-growth markets. It has high product quality, high flexibility and low production costs.

Market potential

HTTECH targets process industries, such as steel and silicon, that use carbon as a reduction agent in their production processes. The global market potential for selected metallurgical industries are: steel: EUR 43.2 billion; ferromanganese: EUR 1.35 billion; ferrosilicon: EUR 990 million; and silicon: EUR 360 million.

HTTECH is a small tech company established in 2017. It was nominated for a Green Award at the 2019 GreenTech Festival and has won several Norwegian awards. It is a member of two strategic Norwegian regional innovation clusters: NCE Eyde and Renewable cluster in Trøndelag.

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Kystveien 2, 4841 ARENDAL, Norway


At a glance

  • Game-changing production process for metallurgy

  • Replaces coal with biogas

  • Reduces municipal waste while lowering carbon emissions


Under development
The solution is a concept, prototype, close to piloting, or the like.

Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals