Creating affordable and energy-efficient homes

Nordic Smart House is a modular home developed to meet growing demand for smaller, cheaper and more sustainable housing. This concept reduces construction time and nearly halves energy consumption.

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By 2050 the earth’s population will increase by 2.5 billion people, and more than 90 per cent of that growth will take place in cities. The housing supply in urban areas is being critically outpaced by demand. This gap in the available housing stock must be addressed, while at the same time effort must be made to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in the face of global warming.

This calls for a rethinking of the type of buildings which will be needed to accommodate the growing urban population.

Pre-fabricated, affordable and energy efficient homes

The Nordic Smart House has a straightforward modular design based on insulated shipping containers. Quick to construct, these modules can be easily replicated, and lend themselves to vertical building, giving city planners the ability to plan ahead for future increase in demand.

Meanwhile, the building method itself and a patented heating and cooling system reduce energy consumption by 20–40 per cent.

For more details, see the SINTEF certification.

Concrete benefits

In addition to nearly halving energy consumption, the Nordic Smart House requires 50 per cent less time to build than houses using traditional construction methods. It also reduces construction costs by 20 per cent cost compared with traditional wood constructions.

Moreover, these well-insulated and nearly completely soundproof housing units are designed for building upwards to meet demand for future expansion.

Market potential

There is a lack of adequate, safe and affordable urban housing worldwide. The Nordic Smart House can help to fill this gap.

Nordic Smart House AS is currently expanding operations to meet growing demand in Norway, and is in the process of entering the market in Croatia, Germany, Iceland and the US.

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At a glance

  • Modular, pre-fabricated housing designed to build upwards

  • Cuts energy consumption and construction costs

  • Expansion potential to meet future demand



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