Building a circular business culture with data-driven insight

Culturengine from Culture Intelligence offers insight and analysis that helps companies to build circular mindsets among leaders and employees.

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Over 90 per cent of the world’s resources are used only once before becoming waste. To achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, it is therefore crucial to build a circular economy, where materials are used, reused and recycled in a closed loop.

To shift a business from a traditional to a circular operation not only requires investment, but also a defined culture shift. Simply put, a company’s culture — the values, attributes, mindset and behaviour of employees and leaders in day-to-day work — has a significant impact on its ability to identify circular opportunities and adapt to a circular business model. Corporate culture, however, is difficult to identify and change without the right tools and insights.

Step-by-step guide to building a circular culture code

Culturengine by Culture Intelligence is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that helps to bridge the gap between a company’s actual culture and its aspirational culture code. Building on 20 years of research on corporate culture, values and mindsets, the methodology provides a pathway for companies wishing to take a position within the circular economy.

First, the platform identifies a company’s actual culture through participation in a customised culture survey, where the key culture drivers are displayed.  Then the Culture Intelligence team collaborates with the customer to define an aspired culture code promoting circular business mindsets and practices. Finally, the team provides culture learning in a learning lab, addressing aspects such as leadership, team culture and competence development.

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Concrete benefits

Culture Intelligence’s comprehensive culture insights give employees and leaders a shared understanding of what a circular culture code really means and how they should proceed to build a circular business culture.

The Culturengine solution is available as an annual subscription, with full customer support provided by trained partners. Leaders may also monitor the progress through regular culture surveys over time to identify culture alignment to the aspired culture code.

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Market potential

The global consultancy market is estimated at USD 100 billion, approximately half of which is spent on digital transformation tools.

The Culturengine solution is already used by over 120 business teams, with over 2 000 unique users in total. In Norway, the solution is also used by hospitals, merging companies, startups and public sector agencies.

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At a glance

  • Digital platform providing a pathway to a circular culture code

  • Gives concrete action plans for building a sustainable, circular business culture

  • Builds on 20 years of research on business culture, values, and mindsets



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