Construction collaboration that lasts a life cycle

The Bimsync platform by Catenda facilitates productive data-driven collaboration between all stakeholders in construction projects, while helping to cut costs and improve energy efficiency and transparency.

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Studies show that up to 50 per cent of time on a construction site is wasted, and that 20 per cent of buildings are delayed to site. Collaboration is often inefficient, with poor communication, and far too many projects end up in court. Ninety per cent of the world’s infrastrucure projects are either late or over budget. Moreover, construction is one of the most corrupt industries worldwide.

Efficiency, sustainability and transparency in construction

Bimsync is a life-cycle oriented, cloud-based collaboration platform for the construction and infrastructure industry. At its core is the building information model (BIM) or digital twin, which serves as a connection box to link all data for the entire life cycle of a building.

This data-driven, circular, life cycle approach improves cost and energy efficiency, making construction more financially and environmentally sustainable.

The Bimsync platform is founded on open standards and transparency, ensuring openness, data ownership and verifiability for project owners and participants alike. It therefore helps to prevent corruption and unethical behaviour in the construction industry.

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Concrete benefits

Bimsync enables visual and digital collaboration, with complete traceability. The platform provides quality data on built assets, and logs all tasks and issues for complete control. External data sources can be connected through the digital twin of the building, and the digital copy of any built asset can be easily shared with anyone in a real-time collaborative environment.

Bimsync features an easy-to-use interface, powerful visualisations, issue management and secure digital data management, facilitating productive real-time collaboration between all stakeholders in construction projects. This increases quality, saves time and improves the environmental impact of the building.

Market potential

The Bimsync platform has a strong, fast-growing national and international market position, as these use cases illustrate.

Bimsync currently has users in more than 50 countries and the platform is available in 18 languages. Catenda holds a central position in the developing bodies for the IFC, BCF and bSDD standards under buildingSMART International, and is a member of buildingSMART Norway.

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At a glance

  • Bimsync enables projects to run smoothly, helping stakeholders to reduce risk, increase value and build better together

  • Bimsync allows users to share and communicate issues, visualise BIM models in 2D/3D/4D and enrich models with documents and relevant information

  • Bimsync provides software developers with the building blocks for the next BIM-ready products and tools



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