Battery-based energy storage for reliable, clean electricity

Pixii delivers a modular, scalable power conversion system for battery-based energy storage, to provide clean, cost-effective and reliable electricity.

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The global demand for electricity continues to grow. To meet this demand, more and more renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, will be added to the energy mix. However, because these energy sources are intermittent, they do not provide constant power.

Energy storage is therefore needed to ensure optimal utilisation of renewables as well as to manage peak demand in an increasingly stressed electricity system.

Battery-based energy storage

Pixii delivers innovative energy storage solutions in the range from 10 to 300kW, for use both in “behind the meter” (consumer) applications and in distribution grids.

The Pixii PowerShaper is a modular power conversion system that brings a new level of flexibility and scalability to energy storage. The system can shave or shift power peaks, provide power backup and enhance grid power quality.

The distributed, battery-based solution consists of pre-wired complete cabinets that are scalable in terms of both battery capacity (kWh) and power capacity (kW). The energy storage application controller can be easily integrated into higher-level energy management systems, for compact and flexible energy storage with optimal capacity and performance.

Concrete benefits

For distribution system operators, Pixii’s energy storage solution provides enhanced power capacity during peak loads, as well as improved power quality through voltage support, phase balancing, reactive power compensation, and frequency support.

For consumer applications, Pixii’s energy storage solution enables electricity consumers – who may be subject to incentives or penalties to move their consumption to “off-peak” hours – to reduce their electricity bill significantly without inconvenience. It also makes it possible to utilise locally generated solar energy better.

Pixii’s system can provide backup power for critical loads as well. Moreover, because it integrates solar conversion, the system can be used as a hybrid on or off-grid solution in Western markets, or for electrification of remote areas in developing countries.

Market potential

Battery-based energy storage is becoming more and more attractive due to the increasing drive for distributed power, and the global market is expected to grow from USD 1.98 billion in 2018 to reach USD 8.54 billion by 2023.

The growing trend to shift from high-cost diesel generators to cleaner, renewable resources further adds demand for energy storage.

Pixii supports the entire value chain by providing core power conversion and control technology to third-party energy storage system integrators or complete energy storage systems to project developers and end-customers.

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At a glance

  • Modular power conversion system designed for scalability

  • High-capacity, high-performance battery-based energy storage

  • Enables integration of more intermittent renewable energy



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