Artificial fishing bait produced with marine by-products

Kvalvikbait develops sustainable artificial fish and crustacean baits for commercial fisheries.


Today, traditional fish and crab baits mainly consist of fish species of lesser value than the ones being fished. With a high demand for protein and increasing bait prices, traditional fishing bait is a resource that would be better allocated for human consumption.

Sustainable alternative to live bait

Rather than using seafood to catch seafood, Kvalvikbait uses natural ingredients as a substitute for fish in its baits. The products are therefore an environmentally and ethically sound alternative to live bait.

Kvalvikbait produces the artificial bait with marine by-products that otherwise would be discarded as waste. The fishing baits are produced for specific fish species, which may contribute to reducing by-catches.

Concrete benefits

Kvalvikbait produces the bait with residual material from the seafood industry. The natural raw marine materials have a smell and taste with which fish are familiar.

Because the artificial baits do not require freezer storage and are used at a weight ratio half that of traditional bait, power and fuel consumption for transportation and storage are reduced.

Weighing less than traditional bait, the artificial bait has cost/benefit advantages that, when combined with lower energy consumption, contribute to higher profitability in commercial fisheries.

Market potential

Kvalvikbait is focusing primarily on developing artificial pot/trap baits specifically for snow crab, lobster and Gazami Crab. The products are expected to be commercialised during the course of 2020.

The potential impact of the bait within the fisheries industry is considerable. In 2015 it took almost 300 000 metric tons of bait to catch 900 000 metric tons of the above species alone. It would take less than 100 000 metric tons of Kvalvikbait’ s artificial bait to achieve the same volume.

Kvalvikbait is developing artificial baits for snow crab, lobster and Gazami Crab, as well as specific fish species.

Kvalvikbait is developing artificial baits for snow crab, lobster and Gazami Crab, as well as specific fish species.

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c/o Svein Kvalvik, Bevervegen 12, 9017 TROMSØ, Norway

+47 959 12 124

At a glance

  • Artificial fishing baits produced with marine by-products

  • Attracts specific fish species and reduces by-catches

  • Increases potential availability of seafood for human consumption



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