Advanced platform for connected care

Dignio enables healthcare providers to monitor a larger number of chronically ill patients safely and efficiently. It gives patients greater independence and better quality of life.


An aging population, a shortage of healthcare workers and an increase in chronic diseases are global challenges that put a strain on the healthcare system.

A growing need for home care also increases transport emissions and costs for healthcare providers. In the US, the greatest increase in greenhouse gas emissions from the healthcare sector between 2003 and 2013 came from home care (66 per cent).

Innovative technical solutions are essential to addressing these challenges and maintaining a sustainable healthcare sector that provides high-quality care.

Complete connected care package

The Dignio Prevent software platform has been developed in collaboration with patients and clinicians to guarantee safety and quality.

The platform integrates data from a wide variety of home-based care and treatment methods, such as medical measurements, questionnaires, medication and rehabilitation – and gives healthcare professionals easy access to all the information they need.


On the patient side, the app MyDignio gives patients access to their own data and a direct line of communication with healthcare professionals. The app is simple and intuitive even for those without experience with tablets. Because the system is cloud-based, it provides patients with a large degree of independence in their everyday lives.

The medication dispensing devices Medido and Pilly also communicate directly with Dignio Prevent. They are simple and mobile and promote an active lifestyle.


Concrete benefits

Dignio’s software platform improves the quality of life for patients with chronic diseases. It guides patients to a healthier lifestyle and prevents hospitalisation through early detection and intervention.

At the same time, the platform cuts costs, lightens the workload for healthcare workers, enhances the quality of the services, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions from transport in home care.

Market potential

The problems Dignio addresses are global issues and the potential market is equally large. The platform is scalable and may potentially be effective in monitoring other patient groups, such HIV and cancer patients.

Dignio was awarded the KPMG Business Modell Innovation Award 2017 in the category Low Cost Business Model. The company has a strong position in the Norwegian market and is experiencing significant interest from the European and Asian market.

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At a glance

  • Software platform for healthcare providers

  • Integrates all aspects of home-based care

  • Gives patients better quality of life



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