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Small sensors solve big problems

To gain control over complex production processes, businesses turn to the Internet of Things. El-Watch’s Neuron sensors help them to connect.

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Factories, buildings and other installations contain more intricate production processes than ever. Staying in control of all variables has in some cases become near impossible.

This limits companies’ operating capabilities, and leads to wasted time, money and energy.

Complete oversight

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term used to describe nearly everything connected to the internet – predominantly how inanimate objects “talk” to each other.

A great example is El-Watch’s Neuron sensors, which link together an entire production process digitally, saving time, energy and materials.

The small and robust Neuron sensors feed data to an app or digital dashboard. The aggregated data allow both people and computers to make better informed decisions in real time.

The current range of sensors detect temperature, humidity, light, pressure, and whether doors, gates or valves are open or closed. New types of sensors are under development.

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Neuron sensors gather data every other second and transfer data every other minute – as well as sending immediate alerts for sudden changes. They use miniscule amounts of energy and have a battery lifetime of up to 15 years.

For businesses with existing instruments that deliver analogue data, El-Watch offers a digitalisator to read analogue data and upload it digitally.

The Neuron sensors do not rely on cables for power and data transmission, making it easy to retrofit to existing production lines and equipment.

Concrete benefits

Using sensors to gather more data and centralise existing data, means that companies can make better decisions and save time, money and energy. It also gives companies an added safety measure, through immediate alerts in case of sudden or unexpected changes.

Market potential

The Internet of Things provides a whole new toolbox. Anything can be connected to the internet by attaching wireless sensors to it.

According to Forbes, more than 90 per cent of companies believe the Internet of Things will be important to the future of their business.

El-Watch is a small company headquartered in rural Norway. It is collaborating with major actors in the automotive and processing industries, and is also a supplier to a major company in the solar PV sector.

Neuron sensors

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At a glance

  • Wireless sensors for the Internet of Things

  • Collects data from production processes, buildings and vessels

  • Centralised data saves time, money and energy



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