Micro power plant delivers clean energy and water

Alpha Energy’s portable micro power plant provides green energy and clean drinking water to remote and rural areas.

Green and compact power plant providing green energy and clean drinking water to remote and rural areas

Globally, over 1.2 billion people do not have access to electricity. Many rural areas, in particular, lack both electricity and access to safe drinking water.

Connecting these areas to the electricity grid requires significant infrastructure investment. Traditional energy generators, meanwhile, are typically complex and time-consuming to install, and powered by fossil fuels that negatively impact the environment.

Green and compact power plant

Alpha Energy has created a small and portable hydropower plant for bringing electricity to rural areas.

The system utilises turbines and ejectors to create an environment-friendly micro power plant that produces green electricity in areas located near rivers or other water sources. The plant may be used at both land-based facilities and in the maritime sector.

Alpha Energy’s compact micro plant is easy to set up and maintain, making it ideal for remote areas and for disaster response. It can be pre-installed in a 20-foot container, transported to the site and put into operation within a few days.

Power generated by the turbine can be combined with a water purification system using ozone, filtration and reversed osmosis technologies. The water purification runs on energy generated by the system itself.

Low energy consumption also makes the micro power plant feasible for operating on solar energy and other alternative energy sources, in addition to hydropower

Concrete benefits

Alpha Energy’s micro plant has the potential to produce about 44 000 kWh per year, more than a conventional turbine with equivalent parameters.

The plant can be used alone to produce power or in combination with other technologies to produce clean water for local communities.

Other uses include offshore electricity production and hydrogen production for fuelling electric and hydrogen cars.

Market potential

As the impact of climate change intensifies the risk of humanitarian crises, such as energy and water insecurity, the demand for reliable power supply will continue to grow. Following natural disasters, power outages can be sustained for long periods of time due to damages and delays in reconstruction, and efficient access to power, light and heat is critical.

Alpha Energy is an environmental engineering company founded in 2015. The company is currently testing the commercial viability of its micro power plant with its customers.

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At a glance

  • Small, portable power plant

  • Ideal for rural areas and disaster response

  • Plant can be pre-installed in a container, transported and operational on site within a few days



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