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  • Urchinomics Nordics AS

    Urchinomics turns ecologically destructive sea urchins into a premium food. Removing the urchins from the seabed helps to restore kelp forests – the foundation of marine ecosystems and an important contributor to carbon sequestration.

  • Tomra Systems ASA

    TOMRA Collection Solutions Digital has delivered IoT solutions for the company’s reverse vending machines (RVMs) since the mid-1990s, offering innovative tools that enhance the recycling experience for customers and consumers. 

  • Seaweed Energy Solutions AS

    The Seaweed Carrier, developed by Seaweed Energy Solutions, uses specially designed sheet structures to cultivate seaweed in exposed waters. This opens up for large-scale production using mechanical harvesting solutions.

  • Orkel AS

    Orkel compactors enable high-density baling and superior conservation of more than 20 different bulk materials, facilitating environmental protection and sustainable resource preservation.

  • Metas AS

    The Wide Area Active Leak Monitoring System is an innovative monitoring solution for subsea oil and gas installations.

  • Tomra Systems ASA

    With alarming growth worldwide in plastic pollution, TOMRA Collection Solutions’ reverse vending technology seeks to make the recycling experience for returning empty drink containers as convenient and user-friendly as possible.

  • Biokraft AS

    Biokraft is a pioneer in liquefied biogas (LBG) for use in the marine sector. It will now be supplying Norwegian expedition cruise ships with this carbon-neutral, locally produced fuel.

  • SALT Lofoten AS

    Stranded Litter Quantification Protocol (SLQP) is a scientifically derived process to quantify stranded litter along coastlines. It provides valuable insights on marine debris quantities and coastal distribution for monitoring purposes.

  • Fjell Technology Group AS

    Fjell Technology Group recycles sludge from aquaculture facilities and municipal wastewater plants. The sludge is used as an additive in fertiliser or other agricultural products.