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  • Clean Marine Switchboards AS

    Clean Marine Switchboards has developed and delivered an integrated energy grid system that help ships reduce emissions and to run their propulsion systems fully electric or in a hybrid mode.

  • Corvus Energy AS

    Corvus Energy is the leading supplier of energy storage systems for maritime, oil and gas, subsea and port application. The solutions help reduce fuel and emissions and saves cost

  • Urchinomics Nordics AS

    Urchinomics turns ecologically destructive sea urchins into a premium food. Removing the urchins from the seabed helps to restore kelp forests – the foundation of marine ecosystems and an important contributor to carbon sequestration.

  • Tomra Systems ASA

    TOMRA Collection Solutions Digital has delivered IoT solutions for the company’s reverse vending machines (RVMs) since the mid-1990s, offering innovative tools that enhance the recycling experience for customers and consumers. 

  • C-Feed AS

    Low quality starter feed is limiting the growth of aquaculture. Using copepods, C-Feed has developed a live starter feed that gives higher yields and healthier fish with fewer resources.

  • Seaweed Energy Solutions AS

    The Seaweed Carrier, developed by Seaweed Energy Solutions, uses specially designed sheet structures to cultivate seaweed in exposed waters. This opens up for large-scale production using mechanical harvesting solutions.

  • Kongsberg Digital AS

    Vessel Insight from Kongsberg Digital enables users to unlock the value of their vessel data in a simple way by providing a secure and cost-effective vessel-to-cloud data infrastructure.

  • Pipeotech AS

    The DeltaV-Seal gasket safeguards employees, assets and the environment at industrial production facilities where liquids or gases are kept under pressurised control.

  • Optimar AS

    With specially designed freezer plates and effective use of CO₂, the H6 Freezer from Optimar can freeze fish twice as fast.