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  • Paxster AS

    All-electric, emission-free Paxster enables efficient, environment-friendly delivery of parcels.

  • Beyonder AS

    Beyonder’s lithium-ion capacitor (LiC) is made of sustainable, low-cost components – free from heavy metals. A battery with LiC cells can be charged in two minutes and recharged 100 000 times.

  • Alva Industries AS

    The Aero-Series from Alva Industries is a series of high-performance electric motors, made possible by a highly scalable and customisable production technology for ironless stators.

  • Cognia Technology AS

    The Linx software platform collects and connects data from various sources, providing transport and construction companies with a plug and play tool to shrink their carbon footprint and improve profitability.

  • Equator Aircraft AS

    Equator has developed a lightweight, fully electric amphibious seaplane for air taxi and other transportation services.

  • Clean Marine Switchboards AS

    Clean Marine Switchboards has developed and delivered an integrated energy grid system that help ships reduce emissions and to run their propulsion systems fully electric or in a hybrid mode.

  • Corvus Energy AS

    Corvus Energy is the leading supplier of energy storage systems for maritime, oil and gas, subsea and port application. The solutions help reduce fuel and emissions and saves cost

  • Podbike AS

    Podbike represents the next generation of electric cycles. The Podbike has four wheels, a protective cover and electric support for speeds up to 25 km/h.

  • Kongsberg Digital AS

    Vessel Insight from Kongsberg Digital enables users to unlock the value of their vessel data in a simple way by providing a secure and cost-effective vessel-to-cloud data infrastructure.