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How to generate traffic for your Explorer solution

Nearly 500 Norwegian companies are published on The Explorer. Here are five tips from some of the companies with the most traffic to their solutions.


Joshua Ness/Unsplash

Tip 1: Share social media posts from The Explorer when your solution is first published

The Explorer always shares new solutions on its social media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Normally, we do this every Tuesday and/or Thursday.

To gain traction on social media, the posts have to be shared by as many people as possible – especially by the featured companies.

To share a post, simply be logged in to your company’s social media profile, find the post, click “Share” and then “Share to a page”. Just like Wärtislä has done here:


You can also use your Explorer solution as content for your own social media posts, as part of a regular social media calendar. That way you can tell your audience that your company is featured among Norway’s best green solutions. Such a post can be reused on a regular basis.

Tip 2: Use the collection of articles on The Explorer

The Explorer has published a range of articles – or “Stories” – about topics from many business sectors. This is content that is specially made for sharing on social media to get attention.

We are more than happy for you to borrow or copy the content onto your own website, as long as you include a link to The Explorer, e.g. “First published on The Explorer”.

These articles can be shared for extra attention on social media, either from The Explorer website or from your own website.

One of the companies that has done this successfully is Ulstein, with the article How to get financing to buy green technology from Norway.


Tip 3: Use The Explorer logo on your website

By using The Explorer logo on your website, you demonstrate to the world that you have been approved and published by Norway’s official marketplace for green technology.

That is a seal of approval which can be utilised to build credibility when contacting new customers.

One of the companies that has done this is InfoTiles, which includes The Explorer in a collection of its partners.

The Explorer logo is available here.


Tip 4: Use screenshots or pdfs of your solution when pitching your company

For smaller companies in particular, it can be difficult to convince prospective partners and customers of your authority and trustworthiness. Being published on The Explorer can help in that respect, but only if you use it actively yourself.

Explorer company SpillTech is one of several who include their solutions and a short explanation of what The Explorer is, in their pitch to prospective customers.

“For us, this has become a hub for presenting our company to English-language contacts,” says Bård Haug, COO at SpillTech.


Tip 5: Tell local media that you are on The Explorer

Local newspapers and media outlets are interested in what companies in their region do, as are trade magazines. If you inform them that your company has been published on The Explorer, Norway’s official marketplace for green technology, they might be interested in writing about you.

It worked for Free Energy, and it worked for Vixel: