Terms and conditions per 1 March 2021

1 The purpose of The Explorer

1.1 The Explorer is a digital marketplace for green technology and certain other types of sustainable solutions from Norway. The purpose is to present Norwegian green and sustainable solutions to an international audience and to facilitate matches between Norwegian solution providers and potential buyers, investors or other companies searching for green and sustainable solutions. In short, The Explorer is both a showroom and a matchmaking facilitator.

1.2 The Explorer is designed for enterprises doing business in Norway, and enterprises interested in doing business in Norway. Any enterprise that would like to register in The Explorer must accept these terms and conditions set by Innovation Norway (“IN”).

2 Which enterprises can register in The Explorer?

2.1 Both enterprises presenting green and sustainable solutions and enterprises searching for solutions may register, but there are some registration requirements. These have been set by IN, and it is the sole decision of IN to accept or deny an enterprise to register in The Explorer.

3 Responsibility and disclaimers

3.1 If an enterprise is granted access to The Explorer by IN, the enterprise will have its own account there. The enterprise is responsible for the content in its account, including the publicly available information in the account.

3.2 IN supervises the accounts to some extent, and may solely choose to shut down an account, temporarily or eternally.

3.3 The Explorer is simply a platform for facilitating presentation of solutions and matchmaking. IN is not liable for any loss or damage (economic or non-economic damage) that may arise from use of The Explorer, inter alia any cooperation initiated or developed as a result of this use.

3.4 IN is not liable for any loss or damage that may arise because accounts are shut down, or for any other reason are inaccessible.

4 Updates of content

4.1 The enterprise is responsible for keeping the account content updated at all times. This includes the information about the enterprise and the contact information for the account holder(s).

4.2 If an account is not updated at least once a year, IN will remind the enterprise of the update obligation, and can eventually choose to shut down the account and delete the content.

5.1 The enterprise is responsible for having copyrights and other intellectual property rights to photos, images, sounds, texts, patterns etc. that the enterprise presents in The Explorer.

5.2 The enterprise is responsible for crediting the originator when applicable.

5.3 The enterprise agrees that its photos and other intellectual work listed in section 5.1 may be used in marketing in line with the purpose described in section 1.

5.4 The enterprise shall indemnify and hold IN harmless against any claims, actions, demands and procedures, including those issued by third parties, against any damages, losses, costs, expenses, fees, penalties and responsibilities (including but not limited to attorneys’ and solicitors’ costs and fees) that occur as a result of any of the enterprise’s breach of clause 5.1.

6 Payments and costs

6.1 This service is free of charge as per now. If this changes in the future, IN will inform the enterprises registered in The Explorer with reasonable notice, cf. section 9.

6.2 The enterprise is responsible for any costs relating to the management of its account.

7 Privacy and personal data

7.1 When creating an account on behalf of an enterprise, personal data such as name, contact information and photo will be submitted. The enterprise is obliged to have legal ground for submitting and displaying the personal data of the person in question. For example, if a company’s employee enters the personal data of the Sales Manager, the Sales Manager must consent to this.

7.2 The Explorer focuses on enterprises, and therefore the amount of personal data is limited. However, for the personal data IN processes on this platform, IN’s general privacy declaration applies.

8 Transfers and mergers

8.1 IN may transfer/merge its right to the platform, including the accounts content, to a third party.

9 Amendments

9.1 IN will give the enterprises registered in The Explorer reasonable notice of any amendments in the terms and conditions.

10 Norwegian legislation and venue

10.1 The terms and conditions are governed by Norwegian law.

10.2 Venue is the courts of Oslo.

Published 31 May 2018, updated 1 February 2019 (primarily pertaining to eligible Norwegian enterprises and copyrights), updated 6 May 2019 (to encompass the international matchmaking service), and updated 1 March 2021 (to expand the scope of The Explorer).

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