How to succeed in new markets by taking a responsible approach

When entering new markets, a company may face conditions that call for an increased focus on risk to avoid harm to people, society, and the environment.

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To increase the chances of success, companies should act responsibly and follow principles of corporate responsiblity. Corporate responsibility is a collective term used to describe work within business ethics, among other things.

Companies seeking to publish a solution on The Explorer must confirm that they work in accordance with corporate responsibility.

A responsible approach increases competitiveness

“The main reason we require Explorer companies to work in accordance with corporate responsibility is that we want them to succeed. We know that acting responsibly is a prerequisite for achieving the highest possible return over time and makes companies better equipped to handle risk,” says Head of The Explorer Helene Friis.

Companies that prioritise a responsible approach have better and more stable financial results than companies that do not.

Moreover, there is a clear connection between a company’s dedication to corporate responsibility and how easily the company attracts new capital and how attractive it is as a brand and an employer.

Risk management

“We also see that companies working with risk mitigation minimise the chances of involuntarily contributing to corruption, human rights violations, or other negative impacts on local communities or the environment,” says Friis.

Corporate responsibility can be ensured by conducting due diligence assessments. In this process a company works systematically to identify and mitigate negative impacts of both its own operations and its business relationships.

Systems to reduce risk may also consist of stakeholder engagement, implementation of codes of conduct, training of employees in responsible business conduct, or putting in place whistleblowing procedures.

“Businesses will play a crucial role in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Explorer promotes business development that does not come at the expense of people, society, or the environment. If serious matters are uncovered that are in breach of principles of corporate responsibility, these may constitute grounds for the solution to be deleted from The Explorer,” explains Friis.