Criteria for publishing green solutions and sustainable solutions on The Explorer

Companies must satisfy four criteria to be able to present their solution on The Explorer:

  1. The solution must be green and/or sustainable, according to The Explorer’s definition of green and sustainable solutions.
  2. The solution must contribute to achieving at least one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  3. The company must be ready for international growth.
  4. The company must work in accordance with internationally recognised guidelines for corporate responsibility.

What is a green solution? What is a sustainable solution?

Green solutions are defined as technologies, products and processes that reduce impact, directly or indirectly, on the environment compared to current alternatives.

The Explorer is also open to certain types of sustainable solutions that primarily address positive societal impacts, without having a negative impact on the environment. These include solutions in the areas of health and well-being, safety and societal security, animal welfare and biodiversity, and education technology.

For examples, please read The Explorer’s definition of green and sustainable solutions.

What are the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

The editorial staff of The Explorer will assess which SDG(s) that the company’s solution can help to achieve in a direct way and can also provide guidance if the company is unsure of the potential positive impact of its solution.

Potential for international growth

Companies are asked whether they are ready for international growth to ensure that their solution can have a more lasting impact both in terms of promoting environmental and social sustainability in Norway and internationally and in terms of increasing value creation in Norway. A company that is ready for international growth is not limited by available resources and is often backed by strong financial partners.

Green and sustainable solutions do not necessarily have to be commercially available to be included in The Explorer. The editor and an advisory team at Innovation Norway will, however, attach importance to this issue when assessing whether the solution is suitable for presentation on The Explorer. They will also look at the level of readiness of the solution – it must be more than just blueprints or a rough concept. If a pilot project or the like is backed by a strong commitment from financial partners which suggests that a commercial solution will be developed in the not-too-distant future, the solution may be included. If the solution is far from commercialisation and export, or the company does not have strong financial partners, it will most likely not be included in The Explorer.

What is corporate responsibility?

To be able to register the submission form itself, companies must confirm that they work in accordance with corporate responsibility as defined by:

The aim is to ensure that the companies and their solutions contribute to sustainable development, including greater corporate responsibility, and that they do not contribute to corruption, the violation of human rights, workers’ rights and poor working conditions, or have a harmful impact on local communities and the environment.

These principles and guidelines apply to all organisations seeking to present a solution, whether they are multinational enterprises, startups or public sector companies.

The companies must confirm that they take a responsible approach and follow the principles of corporate responsibility by performing a risk analysis (for instance a due diligence) to identify and mitigate negative impacts of both their own operations and their business relationships.

Systems to reduce risk may also consist of stakeholder engagement, implementation of codes of ethics, training of employees in responsible business conduct, or putting in place whistleblowing procedures.

The company must have the willingness and ability to make improvements in line with the abovementioned principles and guidelines and best practice in its sector. If serious matters are uncovered that are in breach of these principles, this may constitute grounds for the solution to be deleted from The Explorer


The responsibility of verifying that the information provided is accurate and true lies with the individual company. The Explorer’s editorial staff and advisory team do not check the validity of the company’s fulfilment of the criteria, its confirmation that it works in accordance with corporate responsibility, or the information provided about the solution itself.

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