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Birth of The Explorer

Norway has formal partnerships with United Nations Global Compact, DNV GL and Sustainia. The Explorer was planned in collaboration with these partners, who are also the founders of The Global Opportunity Explorer.

The Explorer owes much of its design and many of its features to the Global Opportunity Explorer (GOE). Through several visits and reviews with the GOE development team we gained essential insight into the connection between pressing sustainability problems and the diversity of solutions that address them. We are also seeking to emulate the GOE’s standards both in the quality of content and the way it is presented.

We see our two Explorers as complementary and we are maintaining the partnership with ongoing dialogue with the GOE team to facilitate exchange of data, ideas and plans for future development. It is our hope that these platforms – and others – not only provide an community for exchange of solutions, but also are solutions themselves. Our vision is to provide a global service that matches the world’s most difficult problems with viable solutions.


Zef Nikolla/UN Global Compact

In September 2017, Innovation Norway was invited to the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit to share how Norway is working to create a more diversified national economy centred around sustainability. Division Director Cathrine Pia Lund spoke to an engaged audience and presented a video of the forerunner to The Explorer.

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