Information for Norwegian solution providers

What type of company may submit a solution?

All companies registered in the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises in Brønnøysund are eligible to submit a solution, with the exception of:

  • sole proprietorships,
  • accelerator programmes,
  • companies that produce only consumer goods (even if these are sold B2B),
  • companies that are purely distributors,
  • companies that provide solutions whose intention is to increase the efficiency of oil and gas recovery,
  • consultancy firms or research institutes that provide only services and not solutions.

What criteria must be satisfied when submitting a solution?

There are three criteria that a company must satisfy when applying:

  1. The solution must be green and/or sustainable (according to The Explorer's definition).

  2. The solution must contribute to achieving at least one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  3. The company must be ready for international growth.

  4. The company must follow principles of corporate responsibility.

Please read the full version of the criteria.

Corporate responsibility

To be able to register the submission form itself, companies must confirm that they work in accordance with corporate responsibility as defined by:

Please also read The Explorer’s terms and conditions.

How are solutions assessed?

Companies and solutions are assessed based on the information submitted by the companies. Companies are themselves responsible for verifying that all information is correct.

The Explorer has an editorial team and an advisory team who assess whether the solution falls within The Explorer’s definition of green and sustainable solutions, which UN Sustainable Development Goals the solution contributes to achieving, and whether the company is ready for international growth.

The Explorer showcases solutions in the following sectors

  • Architecture and Construction
  • Bio and Natural Resources
  • Circular Economy
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Food Production Systems
  • Health
  • High Technology
  • Ocean Industries
  • Smart Cities
  • Transportation

Explanation of solution status

  • Available: The solution is commercially available, but not necessarily immediately deliverable.
  • Soon available: There are concrete plans to make the solution commercially available in the near future.
  • Under development: The solution is a concept, prototype, close to piloting, or the like.

Important information

Terms and conditions

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Criteria for publishing a green and sustainable solution

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What is a green and sustainable solution?

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