Information for potential buyers and investors

What type of company may register in The Explorer?

The Explorer expects that companies registering as potential buyers and investors are genuine in their intentions.

To register, the company must provide a mobile phone number. A text will be sent to that phone number for verification purposes.

What type of information is required?

When registering, the company must indicate whether it is a potential buyer, potential investor, or none of the above.

A potential buyer or investor must indicate the ideal delivery time for the solution of interest.

A potential buyer or investor must indicate its business sectors of interest.

Companies may change any of this information at any time.

Explanation of solution status

  • Available: The solution is commercially available, but not necessarily immediately deliverable.
  • Soon available: There are concrete plans to make the solution commercially available in the near future.
  • Under development: The solution is a concept, prototype, close to piloting, or the like.

Please also read The Explorer’s terms and conditions.