What is The Explorer?

The Explorer is the official marketplace for green and sustainable technology from Norway. It connects international needs with Norwegian solutions.


The Explorer has helped a number of Norwegian companies to gain international attention – here are a few of their stories

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As a Norwegian solution provider you

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Join Norway’s national team for exports

Are featured in Innovation Norway’s digital marketing targeting important export markets

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Dennis Crane

Operations Manager

C&W Industrial Fabrication & Marine Equipment Ltd.

“Wow. I wish I had known about this platform before I went to Aqua Nor in Norway. I would have done better research to plan which companies I wanted to meet here.”

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Kai Thrones



“Our product capabilities aside, exposure on The Explorer has meant that we’ve been approached by larger potential partners much sooner than expected.”


Who can register?

Your solution must be green and/or sustainable – better for people and the environment than solutions used today

Your solution must contribute to achieving at least one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

Your company must be ready for international growth

Your company must follow principles of corporate responsibility

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Øyvind Bakke



“Companies from Newfoundland and Chile, for example, have recently reached out to us after discovering our solution on The Explorer.”

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Thomas Hårklau



“We were approached by a Chinese investment firm that had located us on The Explorer, having already screened us and finding that we were a match using the platform.”

Key figures

  • 442

    published solutions on The Explorer

  • 1 of 4

    Norwegian solution providers have made connections with international partners

  • 100 000

    users a month


Bård Haug



“Several of our global partners have found us through The Explorer. We are currently in dialogue with ports in Bulgaria and the Boston area — both of which first encountered us on The Explorer.”

“We are nearly overwhelmed by the global interest in our solution. Our carbon nanofibers will be used in shoes, cars, batteries, and potentially much more. I believe we can attribute much of this interest to exposure on The Explorer.”