What is The Explorer?

The Explorer is the official marketplace for green technology from Norway. It connects international needs with Norwegian companies with sustainable solutions.

The Explorer: Greentech from Norway

On The Explorer, companies from all over the world can find green technology and other sustainable solutions to solve their problems. Together, we can cut carbon emissions and build a better future.


Trusted providers of green and sustainable solutions

The Explorer represents the best of Norway’s green technology. All solutions on The Explorer are vetted before publication, ensuring high quality and reliability. That means you can trust the companies you find on The Explorer.


Direct access to companies

The Explorer expands your network by offering direct access to contact persons at Norway’s foremost providers of green and sustainable solutions. Registered users on The Explorer can freely contact companies and explore business opportunities together.

The Explorer is an initiative from the Norwegian government

The Explorer is part of Innovation Norway’s efforts to promote Norway as a sustainability pioneer. It is developed in close collaboration with leading Norwegian businesses, organisations and government bodies, and has formal a partnership with UN Global Compact.

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian government body responsible for value creation, innovation and growth for Norwegian start-ups and established companies.

As a country, Norway wants to take an active role in helping the world to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). All solutions on The Explorer are therefore linked to specific SDGs. The solutions also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or other negative impact on the environment.

Solutions on The Explorer are offered across a spectrum of industries, from green shipping and renewable energy to food production and smart cities. Since its inception in 2018, The Explorer has helped to connect the companies that offer these solutions with those who need them.

Here, you can watch the keynote "Innovation, Leadership and Hard Work" given by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, at the Green Leaders Conference at Greentech Festival in Berlin 25 May 2019, where The Explorer was launched for an international audience.